The 6 Most Expensive Appliances on Your Energy Bill

In this post, we will provide a breakdown of six appliances costing you the most money on your energy bill.

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Save Money On Your Electric Bill

While all these changes are small, they can all help take a chunk out of your energy bill and make your dollar go a little further. 1. Manage Your Lighting The lighting in your home makes a decent portion of your electric bill each month. Make sure you’re turning off all unused lights, maximizing your use of natural light, and using task-based lighting like a desk lamp can really add up.   2. Maximize Your

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How to Test and Fix Electrical Outlets in Your Home

The correct wiring and configurations of an outlet are critical for the building’s occupants and equipment. Homeowners use more appliances today that require stable electrical current to avoid damage and accidents. In this article, we outline how to test if the outlet is faulty and how to fix the issue. Common Problems With Electrical Outlets


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