Win Gift Card With Peterman Brothers Yard Sign Program

  Here at Peterman Brothers, we’re always looking for more ways to pay it back to the customers we’re so thankful for having. This April 2022, we are launching our Yard Sign Raffle Program, which is as simple as letting us place a sign in your yard. Every month, we draw a customer, and if you still have it in your yard, you win a $250 gift card! How to Enter: 1. Allow Our Technicians

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2022 Charity Showdown Winners!

Our 2022 Charity Showdown has ended after an explosive amount of support! Every year, our maintenance program members (Peterman Protection Club) nominate the charities that mean the most to them. We compile them into a March Madness-style bracket and have the community vote every week on their favorites. The final charity in each division is selected as one of our partners for the year. These organizations receive a donation from us every quarter funded by

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