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14 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

The summer heat is in full swing and doesn’t show signs of letting up, and while it’s great to enjoy the season from the pools and beaches, it can also be a sweaty nightmare inside your home. We’ve compiled a list of ways to stay cool during the summer. 1 – Central Air Conditioning Units Of course, the obvious is having a good central air conditioner. You can’t beat them to cool down your home

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Save Money On Your Electric Bill

While all these changes are small, they can all help take a chunk out of your energy bill and make your dollar go a little further. 1. Manage Your Lighting The lighting in your home makes a decent portion of your electric bill each month. Make sure you’re turning off all unused lights, maximizing your use of natural light, and using task-based lighting like a desk lamp can really add up.   2. Maximize Your

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Win Gift Card With Peterman Brothers Yard Sign Program

  Here at Peterman Brothers, we’re always looking for more ways to pay it back to the customers we’re so thankful for having. This April 2022, we are launching our Yard Sign Raffle Program, which is as simple as letting us place a sign in your yard. Every month, we draw a customer, and if you still have it in your yard, you win a $250 gift card! How to Enter: 1. Allow Our Technicians

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2022 Charity Showdown Winners!

Our 2022 Charity Showdown has ended after an explosive amount of support! Every year, our maintenance program members (Peterman Protection Club) nominate the charities that mean the most to them. We compile them into a March Madness-style bracket and have the community vote every week on their favorites. The final charity in each division is selected as one of our partners for the year. These organizations receive a donation from us every quarter funded by

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Prep Your HVAC for a Snowstorm With These Simple Tips

Winter can be quite unpredictable, and when a snowstorm is in the forecast, you can be sure that it will be a blizzard. To avoid the dangers that come with extremely cold temperatures, you should prepare in advance. Here are some important tips on how you can prepare your HVAC for a snowstorm. Schedule HVAC


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