14 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer



The summer heat is in full swing and doesn’t show signs of letting up, and while it’s great to enjoy the season from the pools and beaches, it can also be a sweaty nightmare inside your home. We’ve compiled a list of ways to stay cool during the summer.

1 – Central Air Conditioning Units
Of course, the obvious is having a good central air conditioner. You can’t beat them to cool down your home quickly. If you’re worried about energy costs, consider getting an Energy Star-rated unit, they use less energy and can save you up to 30% on your energy bills.

2 – Programmable thermostat
You can set it up so that it turns on when you’re not home and then turn off when you get home. That way, you won’t have to worry about spending energy while you’re gone or paying for more than you need while you’re home.

3 – Vent Space
Make sure your vents aren’t blocked by furniture or curtains. If they are, there will be less airflow in your house, and your AC may not be able to keep up with the heat! And if your vents are blocked, it could cause mold or mildew problems, too—so make sure they’re clear at all times!

4 – Air Circulation
Keep your house well-ventilated. In addition to ensuring your A/C is working correctly and keeping your home at the right temperature, ensure there are no hot spots where the air is trapped.

5 – A/C Maintenace
Make sure your A/C unit is clean. A clogged filter can cause your system to work harder, which means higher energy bills and not as much cool air!


If you don’t have a central A/C Unit

6 – Fans
Fans are great, especially if you don’t have an a/c or are running the unit at a higher temperature, especially if you use them to create crosswinds.

7 – Create crosswinds
During the peak heat of the day, it’s good to keep your doors, blinds, and windows closed to cut down on the sun warming up your home. During the evening, open your windows and have a fan facing toward the window so it can move hot air out. Then set up a second fan to help circulate the air in your home to keep you cooler.

8 – Ice Buckets
You can also use buckets of ice placed in front of your fans to simulate a homemade A/C unit. When the air passes over the buckets, it is cooled before it circulates.

9 – Frozen Bottles
You can also take smaller, four-pint or liter bottles, freeze them, place them on a surface, and cover them with a damp cloth to put in front of your fan.

10 – House Plants
Keep some plants around the house—they’ll help absorb some humidity and release oxygen back into the air (which helps keep things cooler!). House plants don’t have such a dramatic effect, but they help keep cooling costs down by adding humidity to the room. Plants release moisture into the air through transpiration, when water evaporates from the leaves, which helps cool the air.

11 – Spray Bottles
Use a spray bottle with cool water to mist your skin. A cool shower might be just what you need to cool down in the summer heat. This isn’t always possible if you’re on the go. Instead of sweating through the day with no relief in sight, try using an everyday spray bottle filled with cold water to mist your skin for some instant relief!

Spray onto your face and neck (but avoid spraying directly into your eyes). There’s no need to soak yourself—give yourself a light misting while taking care not to drench yourself thoroughly in moisture.

12 – Shades and Blinds
Use them on windows facing south or west to keep direct sunlight out and let natural light in. This will also keep heat from entering the house through those windows during the day when temperatures are the highest outside.

13 – Your Bed
Invest in a cooling mattress pad or pillowcase explicitly designed to keep you cool when you sleep. They will absorb warmth from both sides of your body so that neither gets too hot during those long summer nights!

14 – Hydrate
It’s always a good idea to stay hydrated. A good rule of thumb is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses (about 2 liters) of water daily. Not only does this helps you stay hydrated, but it helps the body cool down.

We hope that you’re feeling more prepared to beat the summer heat. Sometimes it can be hard to stay cool in such humid weather, but remember that you have plenty of options at your disposal!

If you are interested in seeing what cooling options we can help you with, feel free to call or send us a message.

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