Save Money On Your Electric Bill

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While all these changes are small, they can all help take a chunk out of your energy bill and make your dollar go a little further.

Manage Your Lighting - Peterman Brothers

1. Manage Your Lighting

The lighting in your home makes a decent portion of your electric bill each month. Make sure you’re turning off all unused lights, maximizing your use of natural light, and using task-based lighting like a desk lamp can really add up.

Laundry Efficiency - Peterman Brothers

2. Maximize Your Laundry Efficiency
More simple steps like washing your laundry in a cold setting or hang drying more of your laundry.

Use Oven Less - Peterman Brothers

3. Use Your Oven Less
Countertop appliances like microwaves, crock pots, air fryers, or pressure cookers all use less energy than your oven. Some of them also save by finishing your food quicker as well.

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