Leadership Academy – A Peterman Culture Board

Peterman Leadership Academy is focused on growth, and growth is a big part of our culture here at Peterman. Chad Peterman, our president, and owner invest heavily in job-related training to ensure our team stays ahead of the curve to serve our customers better.

We also invest in the personal growth of our team members. We believe that every position is a leadership position because everyone is a leader to someone. Whether it’s to your coworkers, someone 6 feet behind you in the checkout line, or your children, you are a leader.

We understand that when we grow individually, we grow as a company, and once again, we can better serve our customers and our community.

This passion for growth led our Team Member Success Coordinator, Dani, on a quest to create a way that encompasses all the impactful content we have found for our team. After weeks of research and collaboration, we arrived at a solution.

This solution is what many call a culture board. These often take the form of a board game, including progression on the board through activities that help the team member grow.

Peterman Leadership-academy-board_small

Being a home service company, our board took the shape of a house. The colors on the right-hand side will contain the tasks for each of the respective colors. Below are some of them.

These various growth activities can include:

  • Attend job-related training from our partner, Nexstar.
  • Watch videos from our partner True-U that range from financial wellness to leadership.
  • Read growth centered books selected from our leadership library.
  • Listen to Chad Peterman’s “Can’t Stop The Growth” podcast.
  • Become CPR certified.
  • Create individual development plans/career paths.
  • Develop and lead a company-wide activity.
  • Organize a community service initiative, whether that be a drive, fundraiser, or volunteer event.
  • Much, much, more.

After completing each level of the Peterman Leadership Academy, they will be recognized during our (now virtual) all company meetings and afterward receive a lapel pin. We hope they wear these proudly and as conversation starters with customers/employees. These pins also are reflected digitally on our internal Workplace network on their profiles.

We will have this board displayed in our Greenwood office, sporting magnets with employee pictures, that track individual progression. While there is no physical prize for completion, the growth they experience on this journey will reflect in their confidence, positive influence on their coworkers, friends, and family, and of course, serving you, the customer, better.

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