Why Is Your AC Struggling to Keep You Cool?

You kill your workday even though it was stressful. You finish your long commute. You walk from your car to your house in the sweltering heat, and sweat begins to bead on your brow.

“Ah,” you sigh as you unlock the door. At least it’ll be cool inside.

Except, it isn’t. The cool sanctuary of your dreams evaporates into a tepid reality that leaves you sweaty and unsatisfied. Is this a case for Air Conditioning services? Annoyed, you check your bank account – did you pay your bill? You sure did. Are all of the windows and doors closed? They sure are. Your ac is set to the ideal temperature, so why are you so hot?

Not to worry, we’re here to talk about some common problems that can occur with home HVAC units.

Low Refrigerant Levels May Be to Blame

One of the most common causes of an AC not working is low refrigerant. Refrigerant is a must to have a working AC. It is literally what cools the AC unit and helps it to produce cool air.

Maybe your unit is low or it has a leak. You can look for signs, such as a hissing noise coming from the unit itself. Or maybe your electric bill has been higher than normal.

The fact that your AC is not cooling the house off could definitely be an indicator. Your outside unit may also have some icy parts. Unfortunately, this is something only a professional can fix, so don’t try to address it yourself.

Dirty Unit? Get it Cleaned

Sometimes we think a problem is more complicated than it really is. In many cases, the issues come directly from having a unit that is not clean, inside and out!

It’s important to keep your AC unit clean, otherwise, it’s operating with dust, leaves, and other debris clogging its coils, which can cause it to overheat.

Not only will this cause it to not work properly, but it will cost you extra money in your energy bill as the unit tries to compensate. It could cost you even more money if it breaks down altogether and causes you to have to call someone in to repair it while you wait in the heat.

You could clean your unit yourself with minimal ingredients and tools, including a water hose and vacuum. Or you could save yourself the time and trouble by hiring your local AC contractors, who are happy to perform regular maintenance on your AC each spring.

Poor Installation Will Always Be an Issue

Maybe none of these things make sense to you because you have a brand new HVAC. If that’s the case, it must have been a poor installation.

Even with the latest model in place, if it’s not installed correctly, you’ll never be able to take full advantage of your modern system.

Choosing the right contractor is incredibly important. You want someone with attention to detail. Someone who is responsive and timely.

Call us if your HVAC unit is working right, or even if you just want a simple-lookover. We perform installations and can make sure your new AC works properly 24/7 from day one.

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